Monday, July 27, 2009

Disability Attorney - It’s an All Out War

Picture David vs. Goliath, the battle at Marathon, and the Revolutionary War. Each of these famous battles had one side favored to be victorious, yet the underdog managed to win!

Disability insurance attorney Stuart Sandhaus is proud of his background as a U.S. Army Captain. He is familiar with creating a battle plan and composing the right army to fight against the biggest opposition.

Using appropriate experts as ammo, Mr. Sandhaus climbs through the trenches to emerge victorious. He fights uphill against the largest insurance companies using leading medical experts and consultants to win your case for disability benefits. Many times the battle can be won during the administrative appeal process before a matter has to go to litigation and becomes a full blown war.

During combat, every weapon is precisely cleaned and tuned, just like every case Mr. Sandhaus painstakingly personally prepares. No matter where the battle, he rounds the troops and heads out to fight for your rights. Just when the fight seems hopeless, with the other side having more troops, weapons, and reserves Mr. Sandhaus will defend the most medically complex illnesses with tenacity and win. (He was successfully resolved over 90% of claims prior to litigation, and has successfully resolved nearly 100% of those cases that have had to proceed to litigation.) You have to be born to be a disability insurance attorney and Mr. Sandhaus handles all of his cases personally because disability law is his calling!

If you are under attack and need a serious disability attorney to route your plan of success, call Mr. Sandhaus. He's your best weapon! (949) 481-0236

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